Blister Packing Service

We offer a blister packing service to our patients because for many people of all ages, taking more than one medication can be managed simply by using blister packs. Blister packing is a very affordable, convenient, portable and attractive way to manage your medications.

Blister packing of medicines eliminates the confusion that can be associated with complicated regimens. Medicines are arranged in handy weekly or monthly blister packs, and separate tablets into compartments based on day of the week and time of day they need to be taken at.

The medications are sealed and become protected from the elements. Each tablet or capsule and their description in your blister pack is listed on the pack. For easy identification your name is written on each blister pack. Medications are released from the blister by pushing through the foil to capture the tablets/capsules. The blister pack is disposable and so after use it can be placed in the recycle bin.

Your blister pack allows you to remember to take your medications by giving you a visual indicator of when you last took your tablets and when your next dose is. It also takes out the hassle of remembering how many of each to take. Each of your blister packs is packed meticulously and is securely sealed to prevent loss and damage of your medications.

Please ask one of our Pharmacists for more information about this great service for either yourself or someone you know who would benefit from it.

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